5 Steps for Current and Former Stripe Employees to Decide How Many RSUs to Sell in the April Tender Offer

For Stripes and Ex-Stripes with >$2M of Stripe RSUs, 5 steps for you to decide how many of your Stripe RSUs to sell in your April tender offer

If you’re a current or former Stripe employee with >$2M of Stripe RSUs and you want to know the 5 steps you need to take now to decide how many of your Stripe RSUs to sell in the April tender offer, this free webinar is for you.

This webinar will cover the 5 steps you need to take now including:

  • Understand how your Stripe RSUs work with your tender offer
  • Learn how your Stripe RSUS get taxed and how to avoid a big tax surprise with your tender offer
  • Determine if you have too much in your Stripe RSUs
  • Decide how many of your Stripe RSUs to sell in your tender offer
  • Plan what to do with your Stripe RSUs proceeds

This free webinar will help you understand what 5 steps you need to take now to decide how many of your Stripe RSUs to sell before your April tender offer ends.

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Tom Lo, CFP(R)

Tom specializes in helping Silicon Valley tech professionals make the most of their employee equity through ongoing financial planning and investment management. Tom has a unique perspective since he worked in Silicon Valley himself for about twenty years at companies ranging from startups to bigger companies like Yahoo!, eBay, and Intuit before making a career change into financial planning over ten years ago.


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